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Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario


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Worshipful Master - W. Bro. Steven Gough

Lodge Secretary - V.W. Bro. Jack A. Law

~ Greetings ~

We, the brethren of Universe Lodge, welcome you to this page in the hope that you will derive "profit and pleasure" from it, as well as encourage brethren of other lodges to visit us in person, if able, during our regular meetings and other events. Virtual is great, but actual is better!

Our lodge meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (except July and August) in East Toronto Masonic Temple at 15 Chisholm Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4C 4V1 (1 block west of Main Street north of Danforth Avenue, with parking at the side and on street). We hope you will enjoy our company as much as we will yours.

We extend a very special welcome to non-members in the area who are seriously contemplating becoming Masons. As we do not solicit, you must do this on your own initiative by taking the 1st step, say, by writing, phoning, emailing or simply by using our lodge contact form (all as shown below). You may also contact anyone you may know who is listed in our "Current Lodge Members". (Or anyone else known to you as a Freemason.) As much as we would like you join our own lodge, if it is not the closest to your home or otherwise most convenient for you to attend, we will assist you to join another Masonic lodge most suitable to your own needs.

To assist you in your research, we refer you to the "Masonic Links", as well as the many fine and truly exciting books on freemasonry in the Toronto or your local Public Library. Unlimited further assistance is readily available from any of our brethren (friendly advice, pamphlets, video).

Items we hope may be of interest or assistance to you

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Welcome, Visitor If you have an interest in becoming a Freemason and a member of Universe Lodge, please our Lodge Secretary at Universe Lodge Address shown below. Thank you and bon voyage, both within and beyond this page ~ htm, stp, htma

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  • Our Universe ... view and appreciate our celestial neighborhood in all its glory!

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Universe Lodge Contact Address

  • Temple: Universe Lodge 705, East Toronto Masonic Temple, 15 Chisholm Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4C 4V1. (Tel 416.694.6046)
  • Lodge Secretary: V.W. Bro. Jack A. Law by
  • Or simply now right here online by using our Universe Lodge Contact Form

East Toronto Masonic Temple Location is at   red star button   on Map

Map: East Toronto Masonic Temple

If you have comments regarding the content of this site or any questions or concerns about website features not working or needing
corrections, please contact W. Bro. John Stacey by Email or perhaps more conveniently by using our Universe Lodge Visitor Feedback Form
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If you haven't already done so, please sign our Guest Book, thanks.

Until we meet again, visitor
thank you for your time, interest and patience; bookmark to return ~ htm, stp, htma
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