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There appears to be no end of such and here are but a few, many of which are available on loan from the Toronto or your local Public Library. Some can be purchased from the Grand Lodge bookstore, of which there is usually a traveling table at special local lodge functions, installations, official visits. Fiction about historical topics, however enjoyable reading does not, by association, become history. Please remember, while reading, that history is history and fiction is fiction and the latter does not magically become ennobled by an historical theme into becoming history.


Allegro, John - The Dead Sea Scrolls

Allegro, John - The Treasure of the Copper Scrolls

Anonymous? - Book of the Dead, Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects,

Baigent, Michael and Leigh, Richard - The Temple and the Lodge ... sensible, factual and fairly historic story of the Templars. Intriguing masonic interventions enabling the birth of the U.S.A. (and Canada's role in aiding this) make it well worth reading.

Baigent, Michael and Leigh, Richard - The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception

Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln - The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

Bible (King James Version) ... favorite benchmark for testing statements of authors, especially the anti-masonic ones.

Blavatsky, M. P. - Isis Unveiled

Bramley, William - The Gods of Eden

Brown, Dan - Angels & Demons ... part thriller, part mystery, and all action. Highly entertaining, comparable to Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum

Brown, Dan - Da Vinci Code ... currently popular, a stunning thriller that will provoke much debate.

Buchanan, G.W. - Jesus: The King and his Kingdom

Burman, Edward - The Assassins-Holy Killers of Islam

Charpentier, Louis - The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral

Clayton, Peter - Chronicle of the Pharaohs

Currer-Briggs, Noel - The Shroud and the Grail-A Modern Quest for the True Grail

Delaforge, Gaetan - The Templar Tradition in the Age of Aquarius

Eco, Umberto - Focault's Pendulum ... a fascinating and complex mystery with Templar undercurrents, fine reading.

Eco, Umberto - The Name of the Rose ... has been made into a movie, quite good. (Since the movie, a recent discovery has lent truth to the story.)

Fellows, J. - The Mysteries of Freemasonry

Graham, Hancock - The Sign and the Seal

Hall, Manley - Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Hamill, John - The Craft, a History of English Freemasonry

Hannah, Walton - Darkness Visible, Christian by Degrees

Hobbes, Thomas - Leviathan

Hooke, S.H. - The Kingship Rituals of Egypt

Knight, Christopher and Lomas, Robert - The Hiram Key ... fiction leading in rather remarkable and provocative (far-fetched) directions which would make major newspaper headlines, if proven true, but is still enjoyable reading.

Knight, Christopher and Lomas, Robert - The New Messiah

Knight, Christopher and Lomas, Robert - Uriel's Machine

Knight, Stephen - The Brotherhood ... rabidly anti-masonic, such parts not to be taken too seriously as easily refuted, as in other anti-masonic works of this author. The infamous "P2" lodge was not a proper masonic lodge at all, but was a pseudo lodge created and used by the Kremlin for its own ends, its long range goal to destroy or control of its arch-enemy, the Vatican. Such sensationalist distorted journalism, "mason-bashing" or attacking any well known institution is controversial and sells books, always a money-maker for authors and publishers. Some interesting insights, however, do make this book worth reading.

Knight, Stephen - Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution ... (only to the author in 1976), a recent review with new evidence in 1997 shows his "Final Solution" to be "Final Nonsense".

Mack, Burton L. - The Lost Gospel

Mackey, Albert - The History of Freemasonry ... an authorative and definitive classic and last work of this author before he died on June 20, 1881. A prolific masonic writer who also attained several of the highest official positions in the Masonic order in the United States. A large, beautifully bound book with embossed cover and gold edged pages makes it a gift any Mason would appreciate receiving.

MacNulty, W. Kirk - Freemasonry ... beautiful historical illustrations and texts

MacKenzie, Kenneth - The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia

Pagels, Elaine - The Gnostic Gospels ... another view of Essenes

Partner, Peter - The Murdered Magicians

Picknett, Lynn & Prince, Clive - Turin Shroud-In Whose Image? The Shocking Truth Unveiled

Pike, General Albert - Morals and Dogma ... to be perhaps read with caution, as some of the very prolific writings of this author are reported to be inhumanitarian and thus seen to reflect unfavorably on Freemasonry. There is considerable controversy over these issues continuing to this day.

Robinson, John J. - Born in Blood

Robinson, John J. - Dungeon, Fire and Sword

Robinson, John J. - The Pilgrim's Path

Rose, Gerry - The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of Freemasonry

Schonfield, H. - The Essene Odyssey

Seward, Desmond - The Monks of War

Short, Martin - Inside the Brotherhood ... anti-masonry gone mad (continuation of The Brotherhood by a very proficient reporter). Dwells on alleged influence of lodge on British police, public servants, politicians (which, if true, should not be tolerated by anyone's standards). Blatant errors, easily refutable, fails to admit anything good at all about Masonry, criticizes Masonic intervention but fails to admit that, without such intervention, the U.S.A., France and Italy would not exist as the nations we know today. It is conceivable that the best churches and institutions in the world could not stand similar intensive biased scrutiny or attacks. Again, such sensationalist distorted yellow journalism, "mason-bashing" is controversial and only designed to sell books. However biased and profit-driven, this book still makes for interesting reading.

Smith, Morton - The Secret Gospel

Stevenson, David - The First Freemasons

Ward, J.S.M. - Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods. Who Was Hiram Abiff?

Wilson, Ian - The Shroud of Turin-The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ?

Yallop, David - In God's Name

Movies, TV

Ancient Warriers - The Templars ... excellent TV episode.

The Real Da Vinci Code ... excellent TV episode about debunking of the Da Vinci Code.

Armen and Bullik ... light amusing mystery movie with Templar theme.

Murder by Decree ... mystery movie with Masonic undercurrents, however recently proven quite false with respect to Jack the Ripper.

Company of Extrordinary Gentlemen... excellent movie

National Treasure... excellent movie

and many more receny movies based on books by Dan Brown and others

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thank you for your interest and patience ~ htm, stp, htma
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